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The 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community
Wouldn't life be grand if you could get 365 days of motivation, inspiration, insider tips and encouraging support to clear the clutter in your life - 24/7? Wouldn't you like to see stubborn issues vanish, new doors open, and your productivity and creativity soar?

We now have an online community to help you do just that! The 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community gives you direct access to Debbie along with creative inspiration and support from an online community of members just like you! Debbie has helped hundreds of people get more of what they really want from life through her focused guidance and expertise in clutter clearing, organizing and application of feng shui principles.

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  • 10% discount on products and seminars
  • 20% discount on hands-on clutter clearing/coaching services
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Before Debbie and I began work clearing clutter in my kitchen I told her, "I've been through here recently. I don't have much to clear." Imagine my amazement when we ended up with three bags to be donated plus two bags of things to give my daughter! And, that clearing spurred me on to continue clearing in other areas like my computer files. The day after the kitchen clearing I got one new job and a call about another possible job. Clutter clearing really does translate into prosperity! And, it can happen so quickly!

Dale Keator