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"Making simple changes in your environment can cause a positive change in your life. In this time of great change in our world, I enjoy showing people how to control what they can - the condition of their home and work environments."


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Yes, at first I was skeptical. No, I was not confident that the practices that Debbie Bowie teaches would work, much less become a positive doctrine by which to live and manage my practice. However, I kept an open mind. Fortunately so did my assistant and branch manager. The investment business is intensely competitive. As one grows his book of clients he must constantly reinvent his approach to the business. How will I manage more people, more assets and a growing level of responsibility? I started working with Debbie my second year in the business, and now that I am finishing my ninth, her practices have become a fixture for my practice. I have far exceeded my peers in assets under management and gross production by following her guidance. Debbie has taught me how to get organized, stay organized and adapt to inevitable change. Moreover, utilizing her Feng Shui expertise, I have created a work environment that is a delight to me and the many clients who regularly visit. My assistant has also embraced her teachings, and my branch manager, who has been in the business for decades, revamped his approach to managing time and paperwork. He also made numerous modifications to his workspace using Feng Shui techniques. Debbie is an accomplished speaker who provides education and instruction in an interesting and non-threatening format. People leave her presentations feeling energized and having a new sense of purpose. I can only hope they put her teachings into practice so they can receive the benefits that I do everyday. Debbie, I can not thank you enough.

Martin Miller
Vice President,
Scott & Stringfellow