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Change Your Life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement: the study of how to arrange your space to enhance your life. A problem in the arrangement of your home or office may be contributing to problems in your life.

You may benefit from a Feng Shui consultation if:

  • You are self-employed
  • You are moving into a new office or home
  • You are building a home
  • You are having problems with finances
  • You are struggling with your primary relationship
  • You are at a dead-end in your career
  • You have health problems
  • You are uncomfortable in your house
  • You are having difficulty arranging a particular room

Many of us are struggling with problems of health, wealth, career, and relationships. Instead of enlisting the aid of a financial planner or counselor, or perhaps in addition to getting their help, consider scheduling a Feng Shui consultation. You’ll learn how to create the right environmental conditions to jump-start your career, get your cash flow going, bring life back into your relationship, improve your health, and generally improve all areas of your life.

Debbie is trained in Essential Feng Shui®, Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, and Pyramid School Feng Shui. She can:
  • Evaluate your space and identify environmental problems that may be having an adverse effect,
  • Suggest solutions to address problems in arrangement, and
  • Recommend enhancements to create an environment that will support you in achieving your hopes and dreams.
Debbie Talks About Feng Shui on the Radio!
Listen to interview of Debbie Bowie by Mary Foley & Susie Galvez of www.GirlfriendWeGottaTalk.com!
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The first few days since our session have been very good. I was not giving enough credit to the physical world and what impact it was having on me. Cleaning up my work area also cleaned up my mind. I am very surprised at the strong effect that my new office has had on me. I feel like I have better control over calls, paper, people intrusions, etc.

What was most helpful, I believe, were the philosophical aspects of what you told me. These thoughts have carried over at home, in my yard, and in my car. The space around me has a different meaning and feeling to it. The ramifications of the change are significant for me. It has given me confidence. This was a significant event in my life. I have just started to explore this.

Thank you.

Rick Hinchberger
Wachovia Bank