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Clear Clutter
to Get More Of What You Really Want!

Are you feeling stuck in your career, marriage or home life and at a loss for how to get moving?

If so, it's likely that the condition of your environment is affecting your progress. What you have in your space affects what happens in your life. If you have clutter in any part of your home or office you are blocked in some way. Remove the clutter, and watch your life start moving!

But, clutter clearing can be hard to do. It is particularly difficult when you:
  • avoid getting started
  • have a lot of clutter
  • are sentimental
  • have very little time to devote to it
  • have difficulty making decisions
  • are afraid of getting rid of things you might someday need
  • are creative and tend to keep many things for possible creative projects
If clutter clearing is a challenge for you, working with Debbie Bowie is the solution!

Debbie is passionate about helping people move forward with their lives. Combining organizing principles with the wisdom of feng shui, she teaches people how making simple changes to their environment will result in amazing changes in their lives!

Debbie provides the following services:
  • Motivational and educational speeches, both keynote and breakout sessions,
  • Feng Shui Organizing consultations and hands-on organizing,
  • Feng Shui Organizing coaching.

Debbie relates a story about how feng shui helped a person.



My wife was curious about how the session went this time. I told her that if you look back at the way I was organizationally 10 years ago, one would never have guessed that I would now embrace this concept. I love the mind-set and the peace it has given me. If I had been like this in college, it would have been awesome. But I am extremely happy that I have met you. You have helped me remove so much anxiety and clutter in my mind. I can actually take on more responsibility and tasks because I can handle the load. I will continue to stay in touch. You are a special person!

Rick Hinchberger
Wachovia Bank