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You are organized if:

 You can find what you need in less than a minute

 You are comfortable with your space

 You can accomplish your goals with little stress and few impediments

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Book Debbie for Home or Office Organizing

Debbie Bowie provides organizing consultations and hands-on organizing services for homes and offices. "Hands-on” means Debbie works side-by-side with clients to get the organizing done. Using the principles of Feng Shui and her counseling skills, she helps people clear clutter and set up spaces so what they need is at their fingertips.

Debbie has been described as an "organizing angel" by clients because she is able to tackle seemingly insurmountable organizing challenges and transform spaces into attractive, functional places to work and live.

Benefits of Organizing with Debbie

  • The organizing gets done.
  • Clients report they can think more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Clients learn how to effectively clear clutter on their own.
  • Organizing systems are created that support increased productivity at work and at home.
  • Clients often continue working after a session because they feel so energized and know what needs to be done.

Before After Two Hours



Thanks for the information provided during class …. I work at home doing computer stuff and my office was a wreck. I had too many reference books for the bookshelf space available, therefore nothing had a home and things piled up: on the floor, on the desk, everywhere. Using your advice on defining the function of the space made me realize I needed to move the family books to make space for my technical reference books. Books were moved and the frequently used ones are on the desk for easy reach.

All the papers on the desks were projects all lying upon one another. I separated and discarded notes and obsolete stuff and categorized each project with files for each project to put in a vertical file folder on the desk. Now I need to follow through and keep only one file open at a time to keep the desk from getting cluttered up again.

It seems so obvious now, but without your help I would still be drowning in my papers and books.

John W. Buck