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“After having Debbie help me clear off my desk and set up a simple paper management system, I was able to more efficiently get my work done. I was amazed to find that within a month our revenues increased 100%. Getting organized was a great investment!”

B. Bailey
Health Care Co.
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Debbie Bowie's work as an organizer and Feng Shui practitioner has enabled me to operate with greater freedom in my home and work environments. My work is very intense (and rewarding), and when I have "down time" I can now simply enjoy being in my home instead of feeling that I SHOULD be straightening up piles of clutter. Debbie's work helps me clear away blocks in my physical environment, which impact the mental and emotional aspects of my life as well. Here is a small example of the profound benefits I have gained from her expertise. More than a year after my mother died, I still had all of her jewelry sitting in boxes. In one afternoon, Debbie sat beside me and took each piece of jewelry out for consideration. The criteria she suggested was - Do I love it and/or will I use it? with Debbie's help, I was able to sort through a lifetime of beloved memories and make good decisions about letting go of things which would no longer enhance my life. I now have some beautiful and sentimental pieces which belonged to my mother instead of a pile of boxes sitting in a corner. What a healing experience!

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